Conferences and Workshops

Major events such as conferences and workshops must be submitted by August 1 prior to event.

  • Large food orders for banquets or ordering for more than 100 people must be submitted six weeks in advance.
  • Other food orders must be submitted 10 business days in advance.
  • Events could be denied if conflicts occur by late food ordering.
Charging Money to Attend Your Event

If you are planning to raise money or sell tickets for your event, please come to the Events Office at Main 223 to pick up a Fundraising Application.

Audio-Visual & Sound Requests

Requests for events with audio-visual or sound equipment must be submitted seven days in advance.


You may begin advertising your event after your space request has been approved. All advertising must be approved by the Events Office and receive the stamp of approval. Visit the Mail Center during regular business hours for approval.

Event Confirmation

Event rentals cannot be considered until class schedules are finalized the third week of fall and spring semesters. All requests to rent Southern Virginia facilities will be accepted and held until that time.

Do not make commitments, contractual promises or planning until final approval from the Events Office. All event space reservation requests will be considered tentative until officially approved via email.