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What is GIG economy? Understand how this concept is changing the job market There are 0 replies:
What is GIG economy? Understand how this concept is changing the job market Original post: Thu 7/30/2020 at 6:37 AM

What is GIG economy?
The GIG economy (or GIG economy, as it is known worldwide) deconstructs the traditional idea mentioned at the beginning of the text. It is the universe of freelance work and all the structure and financial activities that revolve around it. They are professionals with no employment relationship with companies, and who work remotely.

Companies, which in this context have less legal obligations, hire these people for specific and specific jobs. This work model presents different and very particular conditions also for those who hire. The company is only concerned with meeting financial obligations for the service.

There is a universe of possibilities for action in the GIG economy scenario. The list of autonomous services is extensive. Among the most common ones that anyone uses on a daily basis are private transportation apps, like Uber . There is also AirBnB , which is included in this context as a freelancer.

How is the freelancing economy changing jobs today?
The impact of the GIG economy on the current working model is great. There are different perspectives on what has made freelancing so big. The first, worldwide, is the greater autonomy that the worker has. The professional can:

make your schedules;
work as much as you want;
define your own financial goals;
build your career the way you want;
operate in different segments (which makes it more capable).
Here, it is also worth reflecting on the economy and unemployment in the current Brazilian scenario.

The fact is that not every freelancer simply chooses to act that way. The low offer of CLT positions opens space for the informal economy and for the hiring model for occasional jobs. Many saw a freelance career as a way to stay active and earn money in an unemployed situation.

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