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ew 1570R security gateway Original post: Mon 10/19/2020 at 9:33 AM

Nowadays, securing critical infrastructures, ICS and SCADA systems from cyber attacks has never been so important, as they are connected to complex and distributed networks and to smart IoT devices that use special protocols» explains Check Point.


checkpoint 1570R
«This growth in the attack surface, the transition to automation of Industry 4.0 and the rapid establishment of remote work imposed by the lockdown caused by Covid-19, require the most advanced and complete security class possible in order to block threats that spread from employees' laptops and cell phones to infect OT systems, "the company continues.
In the field of gateways, for Robyn Westervelt, Research Director, Security & Trust of IDC : «During the pandemic from Covid-19, attacks against the OT networks and the ICS / SCADA systems that manage crucial infrastructures for energy increased. production, transportation and utilities ».
“The inconvenience caused by these attacks has made security the top priority. Security that, for companies, must be easy to implement, through automated protection that does not affect daily operations. 
The new 1570R gateway offers 400 Mbps performance threat prevention, with over 60 security services to prevent even zero-day attacks from interfering with operations. The gateway applies complete segmentation between IT and OT networks, providing targeted and specific control across the OT environment .
In addition, it identifies and protects over 1,500 leading SCADA and ICS protocols and commands used in the utilities and energy sectors, in production, in building management systems and in IoT devices. The 1570R gateway also flexibly supports wired, Wi-Fi or LTE modem connections, allowing for simple and flexible security of smart city applications
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