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Certifications and Earnings of a Computer Technician Original post: Tue 8/11/2020 at 5:22 AM

No particular certifications are required to undertake the profession of computer technician but undoubtedly the possession of some of them can help improve the curriculum of those who have them. For example, the Eucip certification, ie “European Certification of Informatics Professionals”, is one more card to play to try to enter the more structured companies but it is not essential to start working in this sector. A possible Microsoft certification is also very much in demand, especially if it comes to those that fall within the sphere of server management.

As for earnings, however, it is a fairly well-paid profession even if there are differences within the sector. Usually the entry salary varies between 18 and 20 thousand euros per year but a computer technician with some experience can earn even 29 thousand euros a year.

Obviously a lot also depends on the type of company in which you go to work because in the largest and most structured realities you can make a career and reach interesting salary targets. The more the figure is specialized in a certain field, the more the earning possibilities increase because it becomes more attractive on the market.

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