This portal contains the forms and information you need to schedule an event on campus. Since different policies and procedures may apply to different events and organizations, please read carefully to know which rates or rules apply to you.


Contact the Events Office at 540-261-8488 or

Space Request

Fill out this form to request to reserve your event space. While filling out the form, be sure to check to availability of the space before submitting the request. It will be reviewed and you will receive a prompt response.


Please review all catering policies before requesting catering services.

All internal requests must have a university budget code.

1. Date and Place Approval {expander}

All reservation requests will be considered tentative until officially approved. Do not make commitments, contractual promises or do any planning until approved.

You can make a request for facility use through the Space Request form.

The Scheduling Coordinator will contact you regarding the status of your request. If approved, a meeting will be scheduled.

2. What to Know Before the Meeting {expander}

The summer calendar is generally set at least six months in advance for major events such as conferences and workshops. Summer events and workshops will always be held in tandem with Southern Virginia summer school sessions.

  1. Weddings with catering orders including a wedding cake must be scheduled at least two months in advance.
  2. Other events such as one-day events, banquets, events with over 100 people expected in attendance must be scheduled six weeks in advance.
  3. Catering orders with expected attendance of 100 people or less must be scheduled 14 days in advance.
  4. The Events Office will coordinate your event with other departments. They are not the event planners. Please plan on having adequate friends or volunteers to help you plan and carry-out your event. For on-campus events, campus honor societies, campus volunteers, and service classes might be able to help you.

3. Meeting With the Office of Scheduling & Special Events {expander}

You must decide on one person as the point of contact for your event

  1. Please bring to the meeting:
    • Realistic budget for catering your event
    • Preliminary date and time
    • Preferred space for your event
    • Set-up configuration you would like in your space
    • Menu ideas (please come prepared)
    • Housing needs and number of estimated audience (for workshops/conferences only)
  2. If you are planning on an outdoor wedding, you will need to think of an alternate campus location for your rain plan.
  3. If you would like to hold the space and the date, you will be expected to pay a 50 percent deposit.

4. Catering & Menu Selection {expander}

The scheduling coordinator will submit your preliminary menu ideas to the catering manager (please do not contact Southern Virginia Catering yourself). The catering manager will call you to conference. You must know the following:

  1. Menu suggestions
  2. Price
  3. Centerpieces, linens, china service (all cost extra)

5. Lodging {expander}

If your event has been approved for campus housing, the Events Office will coordinate the housing plans and secure the keys for your registration. If you think you need guest VIP housing, please contact the Events Office or 540-261-8487. Local lodging is found at

6. Advertising {expander}

If you would like to advertise your event using the Southern Virginia logo, please contact the Communications Office for permission at or 540-261-8441. For advertising on campus, please refer to On-Campus Posting.


Room rental charges apply to everyone using campus space except Southern Virginia University departments and recognized campus organizations.

Available Event Spaces Rate
Stoddard Center $90/hr, min 2 hrs
$500 day rate
Main Hall Ballroom $60/hr, after 2 hrs
$250 day rate
Meeting Rooms
Student Center, Durham Hall, Arena, Modular Buildings, Hilltop or Stonemetz.
$50/hr, min 2 hrs
$125 day rate
Dance Studio 75/hr, min 2 hrs
$325 day rate
Chandler Hall
Not available during academic year.
Knight Sports Arena
Used only for basketball and other related events, or those scheduled as a part of a major campus event.
$100/hr, includes one attendant
$500/day rate
$10/hr extra attendant
$55 court cover
$20 AV-sound
$10 Scoreboard
Outdoor Venues
Peristyle, lawns, all amphitheaters, etc.
$50/hr, min 2 hrs
$125/day rate
Available Rental Equipment Not Included Rate
Round & long tables (in addition to those available in the space) $8 each
Stage lighting $50*
Sound system other than house podium/mic system $50*

*Rate only available in tandem with campus space rental.

Deposits + Other Fees

Damage Deposit

The sponsoring group or individual is responsible for any and all damage excluding normal wear and tear. A damage deposit is required when the Rental Agreement is signed. This fee is fully refundable after the event.

Decoration Fee

All event items such as decorations and props must be removed on the same day as the event. Southern Virginia will not store decorations or supplies. An additional rental fee of $50 per day will be charged if decorations and props are left and will be subtracted from the deposit. All items left permanently after the event date are subject to disposal.

Please keep in mind how long it will take you to set up for and take down your event and reserve your time accordingly.

Facility Use

Use of university facilities by non-university organizations may be approved as long as the organizations agree to follow the guidelines established by this policy and other appropriate university policies. Failure to adhere to these policies may subject the sponsoring organization to further charge and/or restriction of privileges in the future.


Conferences and Workshops

Major events such as conferences and workshops must be submitted by August 1 prior to event.

  • Large food orders for banquets or ordering for more than 100 people must be submitted six weeks in advance.
  • Other food orders must be submitted 10 business days in advance.
  • Events could be denied if conflicts occur by late food ordering.
Charging Money to Attend Your Event

If you are planning to raise money or sell tickets for your event, please come to the Events Office at Main 223 to pick up a Fundraising Application.

Audio-Visual & Sound Requests

Requests for events with audio-visual or sound equipment must be submitted seven days in advance.


You may begin advertising your event after your space request has been approved. All advertising must be approved by the Events Office and receive the stamp of approval. Visit the Mail Center during regular business hours for approval.

Event Confirmation

Event rentals cannot be considered until class schedules are finalized the third week of fall and spring semesters. All requests to rent Southern Virginia facilities will be accepted and held until that time.

Do not make commitments, contractual promises or planning until final approval from the Events Office. All event space reservation requests will be considered tentative until officially approved via email.

Anything placed on a posting board is considered a poster or flyer and must be posted in accordance with the guidelines established in this procedure. Please go to the Mail Center for posting approval before you place your advertisements in posting areas. All posters must be individually stamped with a red approval stamp first. Make all copies first, and then come for approval.

{expander}Advertising Size

All posters and flyers 11" x 17" or smaller may be hung on all approved boards.

For posters 11" x 17" and larger, the posters must be hung such that there is still room for other advertising on the boards, i.e. hanging off the bottom of the board. Posters larger than 22" x 28" are not approved.

To inquire about hanging banners, please contact the Events Office.


Each reproduced flyer and all posters must be approved and stamped by the Events Office. Posters will be removed from advertising boards the day following the event being advertised or four weeks following the date of approval, whichever comes first. For announcement flyers which carry no event date, the poster can be displayed for four weeks.

Posters on community boards will be eight weeks following the approval date.

The following do not require an approval stamp:

  • Announcements for the ride board in Main Hall basement
  • Handbills
  • Items for sale by the Southern Virginia community for placement in the Main Hall basement board area only
  • Academically related announcements and flyers, such as class announcements, academic information, deadlines, etc., intended for the academic bulletin board
  • Departments who have applied to the Events Office for a permanent stamp or for approval without stamping. To qualify departments must:
    1. Have repeating events on a weekly or monthly basis
    2. Have demonstrated professional level graphics
    3. Represent an official university event
    4. Have adhered to all regulations governing size, placement and appropriateness in the past

Unapproved advertising found in on posting boards will be removed.


Promotional material will be evaluated by:

  • Intent: Is the event a fundraiser, meeting, rehearsal, major event, minor event, etc.? Raffles are not permitted in any form for fundraising activities.
  • Appropriateness: Is the message within the boundaries of good taste? Does the flyer portray events adhering to the standards of the school?
  • Legality: Are the images copyrighted? Does the event require payments or royalties? Does the event meet NCAA rules?

{expander}Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor displays must be in compliance with the following guidelines:

  • Outdoor displays are only allowed in lawn area south of the sidewalk between Main Hall and Durham Hall.
  • Outdoor displays must not easily degrade with exposure to moisture. Particularly, paper and cardboard are prohibited unless laminated. Poster board is allowed.
  • Outdoor displays must be taken down each night within an hour of night fall. This helps prevent theft, vandalism and natural damage.
  • Outdoor displays may not exceed 10 feet in either width or length. In addition, displays must be no taller than five feet.
  • Permits will be given for an item to be displayed no more than four consecutive days.
  • The University is not responsible for any type of damage or theft of displays.

{expander}Where to Post

There are fifteen boards approved for posting:

  • Durham Hall (four boards): Basement; 1st floor entrance; landing half way up the stairs; 2nd floor between 201 and 203
  • Jonzey's
  • Chandler Hall (two boards)
  • Stoddard Center
  • Library
  • Main Hall Basement (across from Health Center)
  • Residence Halls: Robey, Craton, Lofts, Main Hall 3rd and 4th floors

Items for sale and community interest should be posted in the Main Hall basement.

The ride board near the elevators in the basement of Main Hall (no posting stamp necessary).

For maximum effectiveness, posters and flyers may be posted three weeks before the event. During times of campus elections or very large major events, special permission will be granted for additional display time.

{expander}Flyer Distribution

Only one flyer per event will be allowed per campus bulletin board. Flyers cannot be posted over other promotions. Outdated information may be removed to make space for current information.

Posters and flyers may not be attached to cars, campus walls, windows, doors, trees, sidewalks, mirrors, display cases, furniture or any other part of university property. Posters or flyers are not to be strewn around campus and left on furniture, floors, or vehicle windshields. Use of departmental boards is prohibited. Posters and flyers in unauthorized locations will be removed.

Posted materials are to be affixed with tacks only. Staples and tape are not appropriate for general posting.

Due to limited space, the university reserves the right to limit the distribution of any and all promotional materials at any time.

{expander}Advertising Tips

Use these guidelines to make your postings more effective:

  • With a three-second glance, view your poster from five feet away. Does the most important element (title, graphic, etc.) stand out?
  • Less text is more impact.
  • Do not sacrifice quality when you design your flyer. It may be difficult to understand the concept of some “clever” advertising.
  • If drawing by hand is your marketing angle, remember that unless you have an artistic flair or an eye for graphic elements, your design actually may deter enthusiasm for your event.
  • Generally speaking, make sure the title of the event is in the largest font size.
  • Consider a sans-serif font (fonts without embellishments at the top and bottom of each letter). They are easier to read with a quick glance.
  • Do not use embellished fonts in all caps. They are difficult to read.
  • Only use copyright-free graphics and photos. General rule of thumb: If you right clicked on the internet to capture an image, it is probably authored by someone else. Use booklets with graphics out of public domain (Dover Publications makes hundreds), take your own photos or use the clipart which came with your software.
  • Do NOT forget the date, time and place (you’d be surprised how often this happens).

We welcome you to Southern Virginia University. We hope this quick reference will help you during your stay on our campus. If you have additional questions, please contact the scheduling and events staff at 540-261-8487, Main Hall 223.


Visitor parking is available in front of Main Hall in the visitor parking area only. Please do not park in loading zones or in faculty and cafeteria personnel areas.

{expander}Campus Maps

If you need a map while on campus, please go to the information desk on the first floor of Main Hall.


The use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea and controlled substances are prohibited on campus at all times.

No soliciting is allowed on campus except when under contract with the Events Office.

Campus visitors are excepted to abide by the campus standards of honesty, integrity, chastity, morality, and virtue. All recruiting companies or anyone interacting with students should dress neatly and modestly.

{expander}Public Areas

You are welcome to browse the campus. Be considerate if classes are in session. Please do not enter residency halls without permission from the information desk in Main Hall.


The Southern Virginia Bookstore sells a variety of books, supplies, toiletries, clothing, treats, drinks and memorabilia. The Bookstore hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. during fall and spring semesters. Although the bookstore is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, it will be open on Saturdays for select events (Homecoming, Open Houses, etc.). Summer hours will be based on campus needs.

{expander}Office of Public Safety + Security

OPSS is available 24 hours. The phone number is 540-261-4911. In the event of an emergency, please dial 911 for Buena Vista Police or Fire Departments.

{expander}Emergency Procedures

In the event of a fire, DO NOT USE AN ELEVATOR. Calmly and quickly proceed to the nearest exit. Put a considerable distance between the building and yourself. Do not re-enter the building until the Fire or Police Department has indicated it is safe. False alarms and tampering with fire equipment or smoke detectors are serious violations. Fines up to $500 will be issued to individuals or groups violating fire regulations. To report a fire, health and safety emergency, dial 911 from any phone on campus.

{expander}Firearms + Fireworks

Firearms and other weapons are not permitted on campus. If you have a weapon in your possession, a security officer must check it into a locked security closet. To make the proper arrangements, please call 540-261-4911. Failure to do so will result in being asked to leave campus immediately. Fireworks and all explosive devices are not permitted on campus. Possession or use will result in fines and/or a request to leave the campus.

Use of University facilities by non-University groups and individuals is subject to guidelines below. All events must be compatible with the mission and goals of Southern Virginia University and must be approved.

{expander}Point of Contact

To avoid conflicts, only the event planner should contact the Events Office. The point of contact is appointed by the group or group sponsor. The first person who reserves a date, space or makes a food order is often the point of contact.

{expander}Allowable Facility Rental Dates

Facilities may only be rented on dates and in facilities that do not interfere with the operation of the university. Although highly unlikely, unusual circumstances and major university events may disrupt a reservation made in advance.

Primary rental periods are:

  • Saturdays only during the academic school year
  • Saturdays only during the summer conference period
  • Monday through Saturday during spring break and Christmas break

{expander}The Campus

The Southern Virginia campus cannot be utilized for commercial purposes such as trade shows, bridal fairs or retail sales. Southern Virginia is a smoke and chemical-free campus.


Rental cancellation must be made no less than 14 business days prior to the event.

{expander}Commercial Vendors

Commercial vendors are prohibited from campus grounds unless contracted by a recognized student organization or a university department or office.


No decorations may be pinned or taped to any painted surface. Decorating ideas should be discussed with the Events Office prior to the event.

No taping, tacking, pinning, gluing, stapling, etc. to the Ballroom walls, surfaces or floors is permitted. Glitter and confetti cannot be used as table decorations. Candles must be enclosed in glass. Luminaries are not allowed inside the space or outside the building. Rice, birdseed or similar items may not be thrown inside or outside the building.

{expander}Event Confirmation

Reservations will not be confirmed until payment has been made, insurance has been verified (if applicable) and all agreements have been signed.


The user is liable for all damages excluding normal wear and tear. All persons and organizations using university facilities are expected to leave the facility in the same condition as they found it. Damages incurred will be deducted from the deposit.

{expander}Noise + Behavior

Amplified music may not be played outdoors unless by special permit by the Office of Campus Safety. Amplification will not be approved during time periods which may disrupt the workday, classes or other events. Excessive noise and disruptive or unlawful behavior may result in the Office of Campus Safety closing down the event.

{expander}Weather Backup Plan

In case of inclement weather, a user may hold a space as a backup for outdoor events if the alternative space will accommodate the expected attendance. Contingencies are:

  1. The full rental fee and deposit must be paid in advance for the backup planned space.
  2. If the backup planned space is not used, the user will be billed 50 percent.
  3. If the room is used, the organization or individual will be charged the full rental fee.