Room rental charges apply to everyone using campus space except Southern Virginia University departments and recognized campus organizations.

Available Event Spaces Rate
Stoddard Center $90/hr, min 2 hrs
$500 day rate
Main Hall Ballroom $60/hr, after 2 hrs
$250 day rate
Meeting Rooms
Student Center, Durham Hall, Arena, Modular Buildings, Hilltop or Stonemetz.
$50/hr, min 2 hrs
$125 day rate
Dance Studio 75/hr, min 2 hrs
$325 day rate
Chandler Hall
Not available during academic year.
Knight Sports Arena
Used only for basketball and other related events, or those scheduled as a part of a major campus event.
$100/hr, includes one attendant
$500/day rate
$10/hr extra attendant
$55 court cover
$20 AV-sound
$10 Scoreboard
Outdoor Venues
Peristyle, lawns, all amphitheaters, etc.
$50/hr, min 2 hrs
$125/day rate
Available Rental Equipment Not Included Rate
Round & long tables (in addition to those available in the space) $8 each
Stage lighting $50*
Sound system other than house podium/mic system $50*

*Rate only available in tandem with campus space rental.

Deposits + Other Fees

Damage Deposit

The sponsoring group or individual is responsible for any and all damage excluding normal wear and tear. A damage deposit is required when the Rental Agreement is signed. This fee is fully refundable after the event.

Decoration Fee

All event items such as decorations and props must be removed on the same day as the event. Southern Virginia will not store decorations or supplies. An additional rental fee of $50 per day will be charged if decorations and props are left and will be subtracted from the deposit. All items left permanently after the event date are subject to disposal.

Please keep in mind how long it will take you to set up for and take down your event and reserve your time accordingly.

Facility Use

Use of university facilities by non-university organizations may be approved as long as the organizations agree to follow the guidelines established by this policy and other appropriate university policies. Failure to adhere to these policies may subject the sponsoring organization to further charge and/or restriction of privileges in the future.