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Thank you for participating in Southern Virginia's eRefund program.  eRefund is a way for students to receive refunds from their student accounts deposited directly into any United States bank account of their choosing.  Please ensure that the banking information you provide is accurate as inaccurate information will delay receipt of your refund.
If you have any questions or concerns about the eRefund program please contact Student Financial Services at (540) 261-8405 or
**Please note that electronic refunds can only be conducted with banks in the United States. The eRefund program is not compatible with international banks.

Shown below are the terms for which you may enroll in the eRefund program. Please choose from the options available the term that you would like to enroll in. If more than one option is available, choose only one.

Please enter your bank information in order to receive your refund electronically.


Name on Bank Account


What is the name of your bank?


Bank Routing Code


Bank Account Number


What kind of account is this?


By completing this agreement and clicking "Yes" below you agree to the following terms and conditions pertaining to Southern Virginia's eRefund program: 

I hereby authorize Southern Virginia University to initiate an ACH transfer to the bank account provided above for the purpose of refunding to me excess funds from my student account.  I understand that I will need to complete a new agreement each semester in which I would like my refund deposited into my bank account.

I understand that any refund amount is based on the current student account information available to Student Financial Services including my class enrollment, housing status, and financial aid. I authorize Southern Virginia University to withhold excess funds on my student account to pay for class and activity fees, Travel Study, airport shuttle expenses, fines, book vouchers, graduation fees, and any other associated charges that may be on my student account. I understand that I am liable for any additional charges or adjustments that may be incurred during my enrollment at Southern Virginia and that it is my responsibility to pay them. I understand that should an error be discovered after I receive an ACH transfer that I am responsible for any balance that may result from the correction of said error and authorize Southern Virginia University to withdraw the funds via ACH transfer from the account provided above. If the amount refunded to me is different than what was expected, it is my responsibility to confirm the details of my account with Student Financial Services.  Further, I agree to compensate Southern Virginia University for any rejected ACH transfers in the amount of $25 per occurrence.  A rejected ACH transfer will automatically unenroll me in the eRefund program.

By submitting this form I certify that I have read and understand the terms and conditions of participation in the program.

Each semester you will need to complete the eRefund agreement.  This agreement will expire at the end of the term selected previously.
Additionally, if the refund from your student account is because of a Parent PLUS Loan and your parent would like the refund to go to them, it is your responsibility to provide the university with the information necessary to facilitate their request.
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